Focusing on the intersection of federal business development, public policy and government relations, with a current emphasis on helping companies interpret and prepare for President Obama’s Cybersecurity Executive Order and the related NIST Framework development, Greg Garcia, principal of Garcia Cyber Partners, engages his broad network and deep experience to provide clients:

  • Federal and financial services business strategy, based on relationships, current policy developments and the political climate
  • Executive introductions
  • Early warning and ongoing intelligence and analysis of relevant public policy developments
  • Advocacy strategy, direct lobbying and coalition representation
  • Guidance about creating and managing a Washington public policy and government relations function
  • Sector Coordinating Council engagement for public private partnership requirements 
  • Policy and security risk assessment support
  • Strategic communications counsel and representation

Tailored to the client’s requirements, Garcia Cyber Partners will deliver:

  • New government connections and company partners
  • Substantive intelligence reports with customized frequency and content
  • Influenced outcome through representation of your legislative and regulatory interests
  • Personal engagement or advisory support for clients’ involvement in public-private partnerships that enhance the company’s situational awareness and process  influence
  • Straight talk from personal experience about how to navigate the government decision making process and optimal methods of interaction with government officials
  • Amplified message through public speaking and press engagements

Garcia’s Experience:

Greg Garcia brings to the table a background as varied and deep as the range of successes in his portfolio.  Greg’s career distinctions include:

·         Current member of the federal Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board

·         First cybersecurity partnership executive for Bank of America (2010)

·         First Presidentially-appointed Assistant Secretary for Cyber Security and Communications with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (2006)

·         Congressional staff on the House Committee on Science; wrote and shepherded to enactment the Cyber Security Research and Development Act of 2002

–        Opened and headed the Global Government Relations function for 3Com Corporation  (1999)

·         Coalition Manager for a successful multi-million dollar issue campaign – Americans for Computer Privacy (1998) 

·         Association executive for information security (2003) and International Trade and Export Policy (1992)

·         Policy Consultant, and Political Fundraiser for State-wide Campaign for U.S. Senate (1986)

·         Current and former advisory board member for numerous tech startups and non-profits

·         Extensive experience in public speaking and media exposure

<em “mso-bidi-font-style:=”” normal”=””>Greg was a recognized leader and contributor for the following significant achievements and initiatives:

Coalition Management

·         Chaired Cyber Security Committee of the Financial Services Sector Coordinating Council, 2010-2011
·         Led financial industry lobbying campaign against ICANN top level domain expansion on financial sector 2011
·         Led formation of the Information Technology Sector Coordinating Council under presidential decision directive 63 (later HSPD 7); 2006
·         Co-founded National Cyber Security Partnership; 2004
·         Managed high-budget policy issue campaign (Americans for Computer Privacy) to overturn U.S. encryption export controls, involving lobbying, internet                        grassroots, strategic communications, TV, radio, print advertising, and bi-partisan coalition development; 1998-99
·         Co-led high tech industry coalition advising government and lobbying for the Information Technology Agreement free trade negotiations under the World                   Trade Organization, 1996
·         Leading member of industry coalition for export administration reform, 1993-94

Regulatory Wins

·         Drove industry influence on government’s seminal export control liberalization initiative for computer exports; 1993
·         Drove industry influence on government’s significant relaxation of controls on the export and use of encryption technology; 1999
·         Prevented Federal Communications Commission ruling on ultra wide band radio spectrum allocation that would have hurt 3Com business

Legislative Victories

·         From House Science Committee staff, authored and shepherded passage of Cyber Security Research and Development Act of 2002

·         From industry association, conceived and worked strategy to integrate Customs Modernization Act as an amendment to implementing legislation for the North           American Free Trade Agreement 

·         From industry association, secured Congressional support of USTR-negotiated Information Technology (free trade) Agreement

·         From industry association, developed helpful amendments and blocked damaging amendments with Congressional allies in debate over export control reform,           mid-late 1990’s.


·         Formed 3Com Corporation PAC and developed its bipartisan contribution principles, and raised $25,000 over 3 months
·         Served on statewide Senate campaign in California 1986, as a campaign fundraiser

Enterprise Management and Policy

·         From Bank of America, led industry-wide development of financial services sector cyber incident response plan in partnership with federal government; 2010-11.

·         From Bank of America, calibrated cyber external partnerships with internal operations and worked to develop better linkages and integration between security and fraud teams

·         From DHS, led the national strategy for cyber security across industry, government, academia, internationally and the general public, including technical security initiatives, policy, development, appropriations and budget leadership, communications outreach, and international coordination; 2006-08

·         From DHS, led initial creation of a national industry-government cyber watch and warning partnership facility (to be later named the “National Cyber and Communications Integration Center”) and continued as an industry senior leader participant with Bank of America; 2007-08


·         Co-chaired industry coalition advising and supporting multilateral negotiation and Congressional approval of zero-tariff Information Technology Agreement
·         Led industry effort with the US Trade Representative to negotiate proper trade policy and customs classification of computer networking equipment
·         Co-managed Brussels Office of American Electronics Association and its European Union lobbying effort